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I Am Not A Geek

I Am Not A Geek after years of offering information guides on how to remove spyware and optimize your systems is now offering local services. We have spent thousands of hours the past decade building information databases for running processes, startup entries and services. You will not find anybody in at least a 100 mile radius that knows more about spyware removal.

Every so often a computer will take longer to track down and repair a software problem than it is worth. To help keep costs down and be able to guarantee you things are completely removed we often suggest a clean installation of windows. The only way to know something is completely gone is to do a clean install of windows.

When we do a clean install of windows we will make a complete backup of your computer before we format. We like to make an image backup of your entire computer and store it for at least 30 days so that if you remember there's something you need then we can open that image up and find whatever files were there before we started doing anything.

As a part of installing the operating system we build a baseline installation for you that has everything you need on it. Once this baseline install is created for you we do another image backup of the entire system. Once we have this image backup we can restore your system to that state for just $30.

If you are within the city limits of Dowagiac pickup and delivery is always free.


502 W Telegraph st
Dowagiac, MI 49047

Please call and schedule an appointment. I do pickup/delivery so I am not always in the office.